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A Curmudgeon's Guide to Virtue & Religion, Vol. 1
Selected & Edited by Tom Willett

Since you have elected to view a video of such provocative title, you probably have at least some understanding of what is meant by a “curmudgeon”—in fact, you probably are one. In the companion book, A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Virtue & Religion, Vol. 1, musician, entertainment industry executive, educator, and author Tom Willett takes a righteously raucous look at virtue, morality, honesty, and wisdom, plus, for the heavenly-minded, faith, hope, love, God, and the life everlasting.

The mission of publishing such a thick tome, replete with 472 photos and 444 cracking one-liners, is to save you the trouble of having to read the hundreds of books from which we hand-picked these apothegm, in the hope that it will speed you along your way to la dolce vita. The breadth of your erudition will amaze your friends and annoy your adversaries.

Available on Amazon and at fine bookstores everywhere.

Coming Soon: A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Vice & Immorality, Vol. 2
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