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“All my life I have been a rebel. Mine is a revolt of the spirit and personality against the collective. Creativity is always revolutionary. It is a universal assumption of another world and a universal impulse towards it.


“There is a Creator Who produced created being, and within this created being creativity is possible. God calls us to creative activity and to a creative answer to God’s love. We are called to create a new and hitherto unknown world through free and daring creativeness, to continue God’s creation.


“I am a humanist, of course, since I believe in the humanity of God. We ought not to deny every truth of humanism, as is done by many. Rather we should affirm a creative Christian humanism, a humanism that is connected with the revelation about God-humanness.


“New Testament Christianity is a religion of redemption, the good news of salvation from sin. But does the mystery of salvation take in the whole of life? Redemption from sin, salvation from evil, are in themselves negative, and the final aims of being lie far beyond, in a positive creative purpose. Salvation is always from something, and life should be for something.


“The importance and the interesting aspect in humans is connected with the opening up in them of the path towards the Infinite and the Eternal, with the possibility of breaking through. Creativeness is a transition beyond the limits of this world. The creative act is always liberation and conquest. It is an experience of power. In essence, creativity is a way out, an exodus; it is victory. In the creative act, we pass out from this world and enter another world.


“The world is passing through three Epochs of Divine revelation: the Revelation of the Law (the Father), the Revelation of Redemption (the Son) and the Revelation of Creativity (the Spirit). In the First Epoch, our sin is brought to light; in the Second Epoch, we are made sons and daughters of God and Redemption appears; in the Third Epoch, the Divinity of our creative nature is finally revealed and Divine power becomes human power.


“The question of the religious meaning of creativeness has never before been put. This is the question of our time, one question, the final question to which the crisis of all culture leads us.”

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Nicholas Berdyaev, 1948
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