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From the Preface and Introduction


God calls men to creative activity and to a creative answer to His love. Our creativeness should be the expression of our love toward God.


The Christian renaissance can be only a creative renaissance.  Creativeness neither destroys nor diminishes the eternal truth of salvation: it merely reveals the other side of Christianity; it enlarges the Christian truth.


God calls men to creative activity and to a creative answer to His love. 


Freedom from the reactions of “the world” and from opportunistic adaptations to it is a great achievement of the spirit. This is a way of great spiritual contemplation, spiritual collectedness and concentration.


The creative act is always liberation and conquest. It is an experience of power.


In essence, creativity is a way out, an exodus; it is victory.


The world-process is self-revelation of Divinity, it is taking place within Divinity. God is immanent in the world and in man. The world and man are immanent in God. Everything which happens with man happens with God.


I confess a monopluralism, i.e. I accept both metaphysically and mystically not only the One, but a substantial plurality, the revelation in One God of a permanent cosmic plurality, a multitude of eternal individualities. 


Many have written their justification of God, their theodicy. But the time has come to write a justification of man, an anthropodicy. This book of mine is an essay on anthropodicy by means of creativeness. 

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