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I played cornet in my high school marching band, and fooled around on piano. But I became a musician on February 9, 1964, the night the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan. Although I've made my living working on the business side of music, I still primarily identify as a bass player.

My first band, The Keggs, never got the chance to record. And my college group, ORANGE, cut a few songs that languish on 1/4", 7 1/2 i.p.s. tapes. But below are playlists featuring some of the songs we covered during that glorious era that spanned Beatlemania to Psychedelia.
I once described the A&R process as that of laying down one’s body as a bridge over the chasm between art and commerce. The hope is to find yourself in the path of an artist, who, made blind by ambition and sighted by inspiration, can span the opposing banks long enough to see her fantasies become reality. The job requires a passion to discover and develop a handful of exceptional artists, and to make a select number of records that actually matter. And you must have the fortitude to meet head-on that wonderful/terrible crisis of midwifing the birth of artifacts that are intelligent, original, and honest and at the same time hugely entertaining and wildly successful.

In short, you get paid to give your friends money and make music together. Who wouldn’t love that? I did.
Leslie (Sam) Phillips-Recollection
Leslie (Sam) Phillips-The Turning
Tonio K.-Romeo Unchained
Tonio K.-Notes from the Lost Civilization
Tonio K.-Olé
Philip Bailey-The Best of Philip Bailey Gospel
Ideola-Tribal Opera
Bryan Duncan Anonymous Confessions
Philip Bailey-Triumph
Dion-Kingdom in the Streets
Randy Stonehill-The Wild Frontier
Benny Hester-Personal Best
Al Green-Love Is Reality
Shirley Caesar-Stand Still
Phil Keaggy-Blue
Garrison Keillor-Garrison Keillor and the Hopefull Gospel Quartet
Mavis Staples, Tata Vega, et al.-Soul Mission
Wynton Marsalis Septet-In This House, On This Morning
Kurt Kaiser-The Lost Art of Listening
First Call-Sacred Journey
Bruce Cockburn-Dancing in the Dragons Jaws
boondogs-Smarter Than Some
Scott Wesley Brown-Songs and Stories
Richie Furay-I've Got a Reason
Maria Muldaur-Gospel Nights
T Bone Burnett-The Talking Animals
Marty McCall and Fireworks-Sightseeing at Night
John Fischer-Between the Answers
Brian McLaren-Learning How to Love
The Carpenter's Tools-In His Hands
Jamie Owens Collins-Straight Ahead
Leon Patillo-Love Around the World
Will Gray - Honeysuckle Wine
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