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Welcome to the Nicholas Berdyaev Resource Center


The purpose of these pages is to serve as a central resource for information concerning the life and work of Russian philosopher, Nicholas Berdyaev (alternately, Nikolai Berdiaev or Никола́й Алекса́ндрович Бердя́ев).


First, I must direct your attention to five towering figures in the preservation, translation and explication of the thought of Nicholas Berdyaev: Berdyaev’s sister-in-law Eugenia Rapp, Father Stephen J. Janos, Dirk Kelder, Yakov Krotov and Donald A. Lowrie.


Since discovering Berdyaev through his seminal book, The Meaning of the Creative Act, I have been challenged by hundreds of diverse online resources. At the Nicholas Berdyaev Resource Center, we hope to provide an ever-expanding collection of links to his books and articles available in English translation, biographies, bibliographies, additional books, articles and blogs about Berdyaev, as well as art, media and music projects created in response to his work.


Those among you who are professional scholars and independent intellectuals would be well-justified to question my worthiness to spear-head such a project. A child of the ‘60s, raised in white, middle-class America, I’m a musician first, as well as a music industry executive, educator and author. I am very likely the “least among you,” but having recently retired I finally have the time to organize the research that I’ve pursued over the past 30 years.


The ultimate efficacy of this project will be determined by interaction with each of you and your kind willingness to alert me to additional Berdyaev-related resources. To that end,  please click on the "Comment and Contribute" button wherever you see it throughout the site. Your remarks about additional books, articles, artwork and news will benefit the entire Berdyaev community.


Tom Willett

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